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The Building Department is committed to protecting public safety through the issuance of building permits and inspecting various stages of construction. Through the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code, staff ensure a minimum standard of health, life and fire safety standards are maintained. We do this through the issuing of permits, reviewing construction plans, inspecting at various stages of construction. Staff also track and report to interested parties the status of the construction and compliance with applicable legislation and codes.

A building permit is a document issued by the building department to enforce Ontario’s Building Code in the Township of Addington Highlands. A building permit is necessary when you wish to construct, renovate, demolish or change the use of a building. Septic permit applications are also processed by the building department.

Building Department staff would be happy to discuss your building plans, answer any questions, and help guide you through the permitting process. Please contact the building department office or the municipal office to schedule an appointment to ensure that the Chief Building Official is available to meet with you.


David Twiddy


Phone: 613-336-2286 ext. 201