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By-law No. 0146-2004

A By-law To Provide A Policy For Private Mailboxes Located On Township Of Addington Highlands Road Allowances

Whereas, Section 27 of the Municipal Act 2001, as amended, provides authority for the Council of a municipality to pass by-laws in respect of a highway under its jurisdiction;

And Whereas the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Addington Highlands deems it expedient to adopt a policy statement for materials, locations and damage responses regarding private mailboxes located within Township of Addington Highlands road allowances;

Now Therefore, the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Addington Highlands hereby enacts as follows:

  • That the policy for private mailboxes located on Township of Addington Highlands road allowances be as set out in Schedule ‘A’ attached hereto and forming part of this by-law.
  • That this by-law shall take effect on the date of its passing.

Read a first, second and third time and finally passed this first day of March, 2004.

Ken Hook, Reeve | Jack Pauhl, Clerk

Schedule “A” To By-law No. 0146/2004

Policy For Private Mail Boxes Located On Township Of Addington Highlands Road Allowances

Purpose Of The Policy

This policy is intended to establish appropriate and consistent action when private mail boxes located on Township of Addington Highlands road allowances are damaged or impacted by vehicles undertaking maintenance activities on behalf of the Township such as grading or ditching. More often however such impact arises as a result of snow plowing operations.

Damage To Mailboxes

Mail boxes can be affected by the operation of a snowplow in two ways. Mailboxes which are not ruggedly constructed or are not securely affixed to their post or cantilever arm may be damaged or dislodged by the direct weight and force of snow thrown from the plow. The Township bears no liability for such damage or impact and is only responsible to advise the mailbox owner of this policy’s limitation should an inquiry be made.

If however the damage should result from the snow plow wing or any other part of the snow plow vehicle coming into contact with the mailbox, the mailbox shall be repaired and/or replaced with a new metal mailbox which meets the standard as established by Canada Post and supported by a wooden post. It shall be at the Township’s discretion as to whether the damage can be repaired or replacement with new materials is warranted.

Damage to a mailbox resulting from contact with a vehicle undertaking maintenance activities other than snowplowing shall be repaired or replaced in the same manner as described above.

Location Of Mailbox

Mailboxes must be located within the Township road allowance to facilitate efficient service by the Canada Post mail delivery contractor. Contractors are required to reach and service the mailbox without leaving their vehicle or being an impediment to other traffic. Of necessity, this requirement places all mailboxes in close proximity to the area which must be cleared by the snow plow. Accordingly, the mailbox post should be located at the rounding of the shoulder area so that the opening of the mailbox is at the outside edge of the shoulder or, in a curb situation, the opening to the mailbox is to be located at the back edge of the curb. The bottom of the box should be 105 cm (42″) above the roadway.

Replacement Mailbox Materials

The Township does not stipulate the type of materials or method of construction for rural mailboxes which are installed by the resident. Any mailboxes damaged by a snow plow which are repairable will be repaired in a manner which is consistent with the type of materials or method of construction. Where replacement of a mailbox is warranted it shall be replaced by the local municipality road authority with a new regulation metal mailbox and a maximum 15 cm (6″) round or square wooden post. Installation shall be in accordance with Canada Post height requirements as described in “LOCATION” above. If the mailbox identified the resident’s name or the civic address number then self adhering letters or numbers shall be provided to the resident for affixing to the new mailbox.