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Official Plan Amendment

Application for an Amendment to the Official Plan of the Township of Addington Highlands

under Subsection 22(1) of the Planning Act

Each application must be accompanied by the application fee in the form of either cash or a cheque payable to the Township of Addington
Highlands. An accurate scale drawing of the subject land must also be submitted.

In this form, the term “subject land” means the land that is subject of the proposed amendment.

If the applicant is not the owner of the subject and, a written statement by the owner which authorizes the applicant to act on behalf of the owner as it relates to the subject application must accompany the application (see section 10.0).

Note that additional information may be required by the Township or by local and provincial agencies in order to evaluate the proposed amendment. The required information may include studies or reports dealing with such matters as impacts on the environment,
transportation network, water supply, sewage disposal, and storm water management. In addition, the applicant may be required to
submit a more detailed site plan in accordance with Section 41, of the Planning Act.

Most of the information requested in this form is prescribed in the Schedule to Ontario Regulation 198/96 made under the Planning Act. If the mandatory information is not provided, the municipality may return the application or refuse to further consider the application.

The application form also requests other information that will assist the approval authority and others in their planning evaluation of the development proposal. To ensure the quickest and most complete review, this information should be submitted at the time of application. In the absence of this information, it may not be possible to do a complete review within the legislated time frame for making a decision.

Upon receipt of an application, the required fee and other information (as required), public notice will be given in accordance with the Regulations under the Planning Act. At least 20 days after this public notice, a public meeting will be held.

A draft of the Official Plan Amendments is circulated to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing and various other agencies for their comments. These agencies may require additional information to evaluate the proposal. The applicant is encouraged to attend the public meeting, to present the proposal.

The applicant and any other interested parties will be provided notice of any decision made by Council concerning the application. After Council adoption, the Official Plan Amendment is forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing who is the approval authority.

To help you complete the application form, please consult the Township office at (613) 336-2286